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Providers of operational support, education & training,

in the classroom, workplace and outdoor enviroment

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We can offer a wide array of educational inputs within a school based setting, here are a few examples of the types of inputs we are able to provide for you.


Assembly Talks                       Team Building                        Staff Training

Presentations                          Workshops                             Peer Mentoring


These inputs are tailored for your specific needs, taking into account age groups of the students involved (from primary to post-compulsory) and adult training. The delivery setting can be a school, college or workplace or any other suitable venue, and participation numbers depend on subject matter to hand. Examples of topics are:


Protective Behaviours             Internet Safety                       Alcohol Awareness

Restorative Justice                 Social Media Safety               Drugs Awareness

Tackling Bullying                    Understanding Diversity         Public Services


For your companies needs, we also deliver the following staff training:

Delegation Training                Mentoring Training                 Coaching Training


Drugs & Alcohol Workshop

Do you really know how drugs and alcohol can effect you ? Through engagement, we can deliver the message of how drugs and alcohol can effect your body, your emotions and relationships and how this can impact on employment.

Targeted Staff Training

Coaching - Assisting an employee with a task or responsibility

Cohesion - Working with others within your team in an effective way

Delegation - The art of effective dessemination of tasks or duties

Mentoring - Supporting an employee or apprentice with direct support



Team Building

Through inset day delivery, we can provide a presentation on a wide range of subjects (also see our First Aid and Outdoor pages), or can deliver a team-building activity to engage participants to work with each other to problem solve

Classroom based learning...

Classroom Tree

All of our staff have Level 5 Cert Ed, Level 3 Award in Education & Training (QCF) or Level 3 PTTLLS qualifications and are are additionally trained in Restorative Justice, Protective Behaviours, Prevent (Contest Agenda), British Values, CEOP Internet Safety and Learn to Lead

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Home Office trained and qualified staff, able to deliver Prevent, Contest (Extremism & Radialisation), Evacution Proceedures and British Values related programme materials

College of Policing Values

College of Policing

trained and qualified staff, able to deliver Prevent and British Values related programme materials

Recognised Delivery Programmes