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Providers of operational support, education & training,

in the classroom, workplace and outdoor enviroment

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With our team of SWMML (South West Mountain & Moorland Leader) trained staff, we can offer a wide array of educational support and delivery in the outdoor setting, here are a two prime examples of the types of support we can provide for you.


Supported Walking Expeditions (With overnight camping qualified staff)                    

Supervision for Educational vists to coastal and moorland areas                  


We can also support with supervision or provision of other activties, taking into account age groups of the students involved (from primary to post-compulsory) and adult training. The delivery setting can be a school, college or workplace, moorland or any other suitable venue, and participation numbers depend on the activity and subject matter to hand. Examples of activities are:


Team Building                     Duke of Edinburgh's Award                    Mountain Biking

Orienteering                        Adventure Service Challenge                 Air Rifle Shooting

Geocaching                         Backwoods Cooking                               Minibus Driving

(Note: Minibus Driving includes DVLA D1e, County Council & MiDAS permitted drivers)

We can provide training and support for walking expeditions, and can fully meet the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme in respect of supervision and assessment.

Activity provision

We can provide activties such as 'Forest School' style backwoodsmanship and backwoods cooking sessions for small groups of students or corporate groups, undertaking survival skills in a wilderness enviroment.

Educational Visits

We can provide qualified walking leaders, to cover the requirements for a Cornwall Council Educational Visit. This could be in respect of a geography trip to Bodmin Moor, or exploration of coastal foopaths.

Support in the outdoor enviroment...

Expedition support

Outdoor Tree

We can produce plastic identification cards to act as equipment or rucsac tags for events and expeditions. These tags are totally waterproof and can aide the quick identification of items when in an outdoor setting